Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Gary's Wild Ride


It's been an amazing few months....

Since I last posted here I have made some brilliant changes, including more cohosting Life With A Twist with L. Kimberly Smith over on Blog Talk Radio.  It's a great variety show, but I have to say even though we have Amazing guests, my favorite parts are when I do my Gary-Styled energy work.

Because of that show I've held off some on IU.  All that refinding my Voice and direction for the show.

I'll be back here soon with more 30 min shows. The focus will be energy work, Gary-Styled

Please also see my other blog at http://talktogary.wordpress.com

Sunday, November 28, 2010

New Weekly Shows

Hi Everyone! Please join me on my new weekly show all about energy healing and the law of attraction. I call it "Energy Healing ..Gary Styled"!  

New show days are Wednesdays at 3:30pm Pacific. Call in or join the chat.

Thanks for showing up!


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Is Your Love Really unConditional?

Hello Friends,  Here's a little post on something running  through my head, update to follow and possibly some background info...

Are you a person that basks in unCONDITIONAL love?

What do you notice about unCONDITIONAL love? Does it always flow to and from you?  Do you feel the unCONDITIONAL love coming from the Dinve?  Can you believe that the unCONDITIONAL love is always around us?

I have to ask you, why are you focusing on CONDITIONAL Love?

As a law of attraction person maybe you've heard how your thoughts and feelings create you existance. And that your thought are shown by the words you use. AND that you can't push against something to get rid of it or to get what's wanted.

In an Inclusive Universe anything you give your attention to is what you get more of. Period.

Focusing on the idea of "un" anything is a pushing against-ness.  

un-Condtional Love
un-derware....er... I think this is different

What about using the word "ABSOLUTE", not only for vodka but as:

"That which is free from limit, restriction, or qualification." (Dictionary.com)

Judge Troward adds..."An idea from which the elements of time and space are entirely absent."

Example: Thinking in the absolute would be simply dwelling upon the intrinsic
 qualities of love without reference to whom you love or the various forms through
which love expresses itself.

It seems that is the meaning people are looking for when they say unCONDITIONAL.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Law of Attraction on Life with a Twist Radio

Yesterday, I had the honor of co-hosting Life with a Twist Radio with the incredible L. Kimberly Smith!

We talked about the Law of Attraction and how to make every hour a Happy Hour.

Listen in to hear how we've both used LOA to get very specific items, including my car.

You'll want to "favorite" this show on Blog Talk Radio since we are starting a weekly show with actual techniques on how to use LOA in your everyday life.

Subscribe to the show's blog at http://lifewithatwist.wordpress.com/


Saturday, June 12, 2010

Abraham Hicks - Feel your way into the Vortex

I hope you enjoy this 4 part Abraham video. It was taken from the Los Angeles workshop on 2/10/2010.
Think about how this info can help your Biz!   :)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Musings on Writing

Writing is an act of physicalizing words
Words are the Creation
The physical world is the slowest perceivable vibration cloud
Writing takes the word into its slowest form
This form is our traditional linear mirror
We've  trained ourselves to rely on this form of linearized perception,
reading left to right
We look to writing to be like seeds.
Like Neville says we are dropping seeds all the time
Each word is a work of art
Art is communication, a cloud of information condensed into one place
Like a seed
To create a seed the spiral spins in and down
To communicate it spins up and out
Its a way of breathing
Breathing is Spirit spinning in and down
Up and out
We breathe to speak
Speaking our words Creates
Writing down Creation creates seeds.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Law of Attraction Coaching and Energy Work by Donation of Money and/or Your Time...

I have a funny offer for you....

You may be looking for some help on using the law of attraction to get more of what you want. You may be looking for some energy work.    I can help you with both.  Sessions are 30 minutes, can be done via Skype, IM, voice..etc for only a suggested donation of $25.00

But what if you can't afford to donate money?

Here's that funny offer that's actually a win-win!

You'll notice in my blog links something called InVeStworks.  You or someone you know may be interested in creating a sustainable, ethical income based on sharing and cooperation.  If you will seriously review the information for yourself, or share it with a friend who needs to enhance their income, I will be happy to provide that 30 service. 

The information is provided free, no sign ups no gimmicks. It's their to read and no one will know you were there.  You'll understand why the founder does this after reviewing the site. 

As an added bonus people who join in with me get free LOA coaching on how to increase their income or what ever

So you win by increasing your income and getting a boost in your vibe, I win by sharing the gift of financial freedom and energy re-focusing!