Sunday, February 21, 2010

Moving up from bordedom: Refocus your Energy

On today's most lovely Indio Room, Siddy was talking about feeling some boredom and how to change that.  Got me inspired to create another Cinchcast to help expand our feelings up Abraham's emotional scale...Enjoy!

And while you're at it go listen to Sydney and the Indigo Room

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Energy ReFocus: the Physical Body

Here's an easy energy ReFocus for the physical body...please enjoy :)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Energy Healing and LOA

Today I was attracted to an email in one of my Yahoo groups.
Below is the question followed by my answer:

"I am a little confused and concerned. When you use an energy healing and/or modality and/or forgiveness, how do you make sure the "bad stuff" is really leaving for good and you're healing? I know you're supposed to focus on the problem/belief etc., as you use the techniques; I don't want to attract more of the problems/blockages that I'm trying to neutralize and get rid of. Thanks."

Great question!
I've been working with engery and LOA for years. From my experience the best way to know that the bad stuff is leaving is simply when you feel some relief. Can be physical, mental, energetic, emotional.

When you feel that relief, start looking for the evidence of the good stuff coming in. If its health, look for some part of your body that feels good, even if it's your earlobe, maybe an eyelash, whatever it is, start looking for proof that the good stuff is all readly around you. If it's a work thing, maybe look for a kinder word from your boss or coworker.

See, once you get your energy re-focused, you can alway CHOOSE to replay the bad/painful situations. Because it's always a choice. You choose the contrast or the better feeling events.

One way I know that energy work is really working, I feel Expanded, lighter, happier, more comfortable. And when I focus on those feelings, I get more of them.

This is fantastic because I was the guy who usually had less good feelings thoughts, more drama and less health.

Now I get to enjoy life more because I did go to those 'stuck areas' and I used various techniques to raise my vibration.

As Abraham says (paraphrased) once you raise you vibe on a topic you'll never experience it again in that same way. Or once you find relief on a topic you may see it again briefly but you will be able to Easily "turn the other cheek"

Hope this helps :)


Saturday, February 6, 2010

How Do I Know I Am in The Flow?

Here's a reply to a blog post asking that question:

Being in the flow has been easier to feel lately because I realized that's my natural state of Being. It feels light, expansive, tactile and when I am really flowing, espcially for energy "work" I start to see colors and almost see textures or hear new sounds, it gets to the point that it's hard to talk. Imagine watching a movie like Avatar and trying to describe it to someone over the phone while trying to include all the info such as sound track, dialog, action and how all the charactors are interacting. :)

Visit that blog at :

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Join me on Life With A Twist

Thank you L. Kimberly Smith and Julian Green for having me on the premier of Life With a Twist! Julian, I am so exitied to try your drink and looking forward to more delicious recipes (anything with gin come to mind? hint hint)

Please visit Roberta Perry's site, Scrubz Body Scrub  she has fantastic energy and I'm so looking forward to getting her products.

And because I got so happy talking I didnt have time to share my offer with the listners.

Usually for a distance healing it's $30 for 30 min.  I keep my fees down because I can!   However for listeners of the show I have a fun offer :)

For a private session of energy work that focuses on re-focusing your energy to make every hour a "happy hour"....your fee is to share with 2 people my other passion, InVeStworks a way of helping people financially using cooperation and sharing.   Get this, I'm not asking you sell or join anything! All I ask is that the information be shared with people who could use it.    You can review the info only site at

Make every hour a Happy Hour!