Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Join me on Life With A Twist

Thank you L. Kimberly Smith and Julian Green for having me on the premier of Life With a Twist! Julian, I am so exitied to try your drink and looking forward to more delicious recipes (anything with gin come to mind? hint hint)

Please visit Roberta Perry's site, Scrubz Body Scrub  she has fantastic energy and I'm so looking forward to getting her products.

And because I got so happy talking I didnt have time to share my offer with the listners.

Usually for a distance healing it's $30 for 30 min.  I keep my fees down because I can!   However for listeners of the show I have a fun offer :)

For a private session of energy work that focuses on re-focusing your energy to make every hour a "happy hour"....your fee is to share with 2 people my other passion, InVeStworks a way of helping people financially using cooperation and sharing.   Get this, I'm not asking you sell or join anything! All I ask is that the information be shared with people who could use it.    You can review the info only site at

Make every hour a Happy Hour!


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  1. Gary, thank you sooooo much for the lovely blog post! And you were a fabulous guest! I really appreciate your presence.