Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Energy Healing and LOA

Today I was attracted to an email in one of my Yahoo groups.
Below is the question followed by my answer:

"I am a little confused and concerned. When you use an energy healing and/or modality and/or forgiveness, how do you make sure the "bad stuff" is really leaving for good and you're healing? I know you're supposed to focus on the problem/belief etc., as you use the techniques; I don't want to attract more of the problems/blockages that I'm trying to neutralize and get rid of. Thanks."

Great question!
I've been working with engery and LOA for years. From my experience the best way to know that the bad stuff is leaving is simply when you feel some relief. Can be physical, mental, energetic, emotional.

When you feel that relief, start looking for the evidence of the good stuff coming in. If its health, look for some part of your body that feels good, even if it's your earlobe, maybe an eyelash, whatever it is, start looking for proof that the good stuff is all readly around you. If it's a work thing, maybe look for a kinder word from your boss or coworker.

See, once you get your energy re-focused, you can alway CHOOSE to replay the bad/painful situations. Because it's always a choice. You choose the contrast or the better feeling events.

One way I know that energy work is really working, I feel Expanded, lighter, happier, more comfortable. And when I focus on those feelings, I get more of them.

This is fantastic because I was the guy who usually had less good feelings thoughts, more drama and less health.

Now I get to enjoy life more because I did go to those 'stuck areas' and I used various techniques to raise my vibration.

As Abraham says (paraphrased) once you raise you vibe on a topic you'll never experience it again in that same way. Or once you find relief on a topic you may see it again briefly but you will be able to Easily "turn the other cheek"

Hope this helps :)


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