Sunday, January 31, 2010

I AM Abundant!

I got all these Lovely Ladies following me!  :)

I AM Energy ReFocusing

Today's Cinchcast is a quick and easy Energy ReFocus.

Energy is SOOOO fabulous that all it takes is you desire for it to refocus and it does.

When you choose to connect with this clearing energy, focus on the the phrase

"I AM", breate easily and deeply, and allow the good times to flow. 

The Flow today looks like clear water flowing smoothly thru a glass tube...

See what happens for you for the rest of your day :)

Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Tower Card...a LOA interpretation

I often ask my dear friend Lisa to pull a Tarot card for me to focus on, sometimes just for myself, sometimes for the podcast.  

Today Lisa pulled The Tower.  Here's what she said:

The Tower - What habits have you become comfortable with that may be holding you back from operating at a higher level of spiritual vibration and attracting the things you want in your life?
You need to get fired up about making massive changes in your life, one step at a time. You need to destroy old habits that are holding you back.

So what are you including in Your universe?

Are you focusing on those old habits because you keep seeing them, then focusing on them, then seeing them.... 'we could go on'  LOL


are you taking some of that passion in you to tell LOA to get some Spiritual mojo going, get something you really want or just feel a little bit better??

I know that passion is in you because if you're reading this you attracted another talk about passion, and you have to see it in you to see it out of you.

Enjoy today's energy flow at Cinch, a fun service provided by BlogTalkRadio.

Monday, January 25, 2010

What You Do ...Do With Passion!

[Note to the reader: The following blog is charged with my healing energy. My intention is to Flow Passion today. You can choose to include it in your universe, just say Yes to connect to the Flow when ever you read this]

You'll find that I'm a guy who likes his words.  With a background in linguistics word meanings, and their origins have always fascinated me. Even spelling has some appeal to me but it's something I tend to overlook (that's what spellcheck is for, right?)

Let's talk about passion today...

On the 1st dictionary site I found passion has 12 meanings.  You can probably guess the meanings: romantic; sexual; enthusiastic; theological; etc. And it can go either negative or positive.  Our interpretation of it then becomes contextual, i.e., who uses it where gives the intention/focus of the word.   Personally I think it's the hearer that gives the meaning and value to words.  That's a topic for another post.

Back to the topic du jour: what you with passion!

Passion in this context is positive enthusiasm.

In Chinese medicine it's said that this version of passion is expansive, associated with the Heart Center, the Fire element, the color red and high noon pilgrim (Did I mention I do a really bad John Wayne impersonation?)

People know when you got passion! 

Passion is contageous!

Ever root for the team with apathetic cheerleaders?  "we got...some..[yawn]...spirit n stuff"

You get goin when they get goin!

Empower your inner cheerleader and and empower your world!
(any resemblance to a a phrase from an NBC show is purely out of love and respect)

It's also said that Passion follows direction and choices  then leads to the Earth element's formation of things.

This fire of passion is a mechanism to feel relief.  Your passion is the spark that takes the condensed form of contrast and moves you up Abraham's emotional scale. 

At times it may feel uncomfortable. Like when we move from powerlessness to anger. But understand that these are just the momentary (if you choose) emotional states in between where you are and where you want to go.

Where you want to go is the choice I talked about earlier. Take that, add passion and see what manifests, and repeat.

As you're doing this passion-focusing you will get to feeling enthusiasm, the giddiness, you'll feel Light Hearted (please notice the caps) the manifestations will feel better, life gets easier, getting what feels good feels easier, FEELING GOOD feels good and right and natural.

And now that we've energized that, we've Flowed with some Passion, let's re arrange the title of the post today...

When You choose what you want, Be Passion and Lightness and notice the relief, then do whatever is feeling good.

Note to Reader:  interpret the words as you will, what's important is how You feel.  That Flow is done now :)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Thank You for Sharing my Blog!

Today I'm sitting here, Be-ing here feeling appreciation
for all of you who shared my post on the Abundance Journal.

A friend sent me the link to someone else's blog
where it was posted, thank you thank you
for finding value in my writing!

This definitely goes in my own Abundace Journal:

     My writing went viral, People found value in my words: I Am so Abundant!

This post of appreciation took more than 68 seconds of focus.

I KNOW that more things to apprciate are manifesting for me NOW :)


Monday, January 18, 2010

Free Energy Work on the Inclusive Universe Podcast

On Saturday's 1/16,  I rolled out of of bed with the brilliant
idea of starting a new podcast. 

I've been practicing energy work for a long long time
In school we got the Chinese version called Qi Gong
which I talk about in the show.

My dear friend Lisa joined me with her increadible
Law of Attraction interpretations of the Tarot.

Listen to the show to hear what card she choose,
what great message came thru
and join in the energy flow if you choose to.

Show #1 of the Inclusive Universe

Saturday, January 16, 2010

I kinda type like I talk :)

That's it for this post  LOL

Abundance Journals: my tip for the Yahoo group

Today in my inspired podcast on the Inclusive Universe
I talked about the power of the Abundance Journal.
After the show I checked my email to find a free ticket
to a T. Harv Eker seminar that's walking distance from home!
So I had to say thank you to the person who posted
this freebee in the Yahoo group.
Another memeber quickly replied: what's an Abundance Journal?
Here's my reply...
This is such a great topic !

I've heard of them for a long time under different names,
prosperity journal, or abundance book, or record
but the description that has stuck with me is from

Michael Losier's book The Law of Attraction: Getting more of what you Want...

It's a really easy thing to do, takes only a few minutes
and can have fantastic results...quickly!

The Abundance Journal is way for you to celebrate
the evidence of your allowing that which you want.

In this celebration of seeing what you wanted to manifest,
you are aligning with your Vortex and creating more
of what you want. And in this case it's Abundance.

You are gonna be surprised at how quickly this can work!

After I started my journal all sorts of fun things
have come in for me, i.e. a new job and a pair
of $300 boots (gifted to me thank you very much)

So here's the way to do it:

Step 1: Get a journal, one that looks and feels good to You.
Could be fancy paper and leather binding, maybe
a spiral notebook, fingerpaints, sidewalk chalk,
whatever it is, it shoud be something you like to look at.

I personally like to record it on my laptop cuz that part of my list. :)

Step 2: Somewhere write the title " My Abundance Journal"
(or a title that feels good to you)

Step 3: Start writing about anything that reflects your abundance,
and I mean ANYTHING that makes you feel abundant.

When you are given something, and you know the cost, add that detail.

Here's an actual example from my Abundance Journal:
(sometimes I get silly and write Dear Diary, cuz it's about the fun)

  • Today I received stylish pair of boots valued at $300
  • A friend bought me a cup of coffee
  • I have a fabulous laptop to record my AJ
  • the library has the new book I want to read, no cost to me
  • I have enough money in my account to pay the electric bill
  • my knuckles work, I have an abundance of health!
  • I know a lot of people thru my Yahoo groups, very abundant there
  • OMG I was treated to a very fancy dinner last night, over $40 meal
  • I just got free business coaching in a podcast and she charges $200 an hour for private sessessions
  • Its raining so much today, the farmers are going to have a lot of water for crops this spring

So do this noticing of your abundance for as long as it feels good to You.

Another thing that Michael says is to celebrate your abundance in the moment.

Like that dinner I got, I didn't wait to get home to write it down,
I found an old receipt in my wallet and wrote on the back about it.

I've even used paper napkins at cafes as journals so I can put them
on the bulletin board above my desk (cute retro desk I was gifted).

If you think about it, this activity takes at least 17 seconds of focus.

You know what Abraham says about 17 seconds...

17 seconds of a pure thought = 2000 action hours

 And what if you spent the magic 68 seconds focusing purely on Abundance???


You will start noticing more and more abundance pouring in
that you can record and notice more, spending more time
focusing on that abundance coming in that you can then celebrate
in your journal of noticing and allowing more abundance
which then pops up more and more in your life so you
have more and more to focus on..."we could go on" LOL

Here's something to start your journal with:

I just got a tip from Gary Bondurant, yes, THE Gary Bondurant, for free!!

And he charges $30 for the 1/2 hour.  :)