Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Tower Card...a LOA interpretation

I often ask my dear friend Lisa to pull a Tarot card for me to focus on, sometimes just for myself, sometimes for the podcast.  

Today Lisa pulled The Tower.  Here's what she said:

The Tower - What habits have you become comfortable with that may be holding you back from operating at a higher level of spiritual vibration and attracting the things you want in your life?
You need to get fired up about making massive changes in your life, one step at a time. You need to destroy old habits that are holding you back.

So what are you including in Your universe?

Are you focusing on those old habits because you keep seeing them, then focusing on them, then seeing them.... 'we could go on'  LOL


are you taking some of that passion in you to tell LOA to get some Spiritual mojo going, get something you really want or just feel a little bit better??

I know that passion is in you because if you're reading this you attracted another talk about passion, and you have to see it in you to see it out of you.

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