Monday, January 25, 2010

What You Do ...Do With Passion!

[Note to the reader: The following blog is charged with my healing energy. My intention is to Flow Passion today. You can choose to include it in your universe, just say Yes to connect to the Flow when ever you read this]

You'll find that I'm a guy who likes his words.  With a background in linguistics word meanings, and their origins have always fascinated me. Even spelling has some appeal to me but it's something I tend to overlook (that's what spellcheck is for, right?)

Let's talk about passion today...

On the 1st dictionary site I found passion has 12 meanings.  You can probably guess the meanings: romantic; sexual; enthusiastic; theological; etc. And it can go either negative or positive.  Our interpretation of it then becomes contextual, i.e., who uses it where gives the intention/focus of the word.   Personally I think it's the hearer that gives the meaning and value to words.  That's a topic for another post.

Back to the topic du jour: what you with passion!

Passion in this context is positive enthusiasm.

In Chinese medicine it's said that this version of passion is expansive, associated with the Heart Center, the Fire element, the color red and high noon pilgrim (Did I mention I do a really bad John Wayne impersonation?)

People know when you got passion! 

Passion is contageous!

Ever root for the team with apathetic cheerleaders?  "we got...some..[yawn]...spirit n stuff"

You get goin when they get goin!

Empower your inner cheerleader and and empower your world!
(any resemblance to a a phrase from an NBC show is purely out of love and respect)

It's also said that Passion follows direction and choices  then leads to the Earth element's formation of things.

This fire of passion is a mechanism to feel relief.  Your passion is the spark that takes the condensed form of contrast and moves you up Abraham's emotional scale. 

At times it may feel uncomfortable. Like when we move from powerlessness to anger. But understand that these are just the momentary (if you choose) emotional states in between where you are and where you want to go.

Where you want to go is the choice I talked about earlier. Take that, add passion and see what manifests, and repeat.

As you're doing this passion-focusing you will get to feeling enthusiasm, the giddiness, you'll feel Light Hearted (please notice the caps) the manifestations will feel better, life gets easier, getting what feels good feels easier, FEELING GOOD feels good and right and natural.

And now that we've energized that, we've Flowed with some Passion, let's re arrange the title of the post today...

When You choose what you want, Be Passion and Lightness and notice the relief, then do whatever is feeling good.

Note to Reader:  interpret the words as you will, what's important is how You feel.  That Flow is done now :)


  1. Delicious!! A delicious treat for me today. And I felt feel a very powerful energy tingling as I was reading this post. Just the right amount too. Just so happens I was feeling the passion giddy feeling all day today, so this is quite delicious to read before I close my eyes this new night. I just love your words spell check or no. And I started a new blog delicious is this? How does it get any better than this?

  2. Gary, I had to read this again today, and it is so inspiring and sort of like a spark for me to keep my own fires and passions burning! Thank you for the energy flow! Beautiful post!