Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Law of Attraction Coaching and Energy Work by Donation of Money and/or Your Time...

I have a funny offer for you....

You may be looking for some help on using the law of attraction to get more of what you want. You may be looking for some energy work.    I can help you with both.  Sessions are 30 minutes, can be done via Skype, IM, voice..etc for only a suggested donation of $25.00

But what if you can't afford to donate money?

Here's that funny offer that's actually a win-win!

You'll notice in my blog links something called InVeStworks.  You or someone you know may be interested in creating a sustainable, ethical income based on sharing and cooperation.  If you will seriously review the information for yourself, or share it with a friend who needs to enhance their income, I will be happy to provide that 30 service. 

The information is provided free, no sign ups no gimmicks. It's their to read and no one will know you were there.  You'll understand why the founder does this after reviewing the site. 

As an added bonus people who join in with me get free LOA coaching on how to increase their income or what ever

So you win by increasing your income and getting a boost in your vibe, I win by sharing the gift of financial freedom and energy re-focusing!


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